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We come in figure out the problem most the time in under an hour for 75$/hourly rate for any bodily pains. To find out if this works for you please call us to book an appointment at


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We come right to your home. Masks are always used 100% safe and Covid free friendly visits. I come to the home figure out the problem and use natural medicine as a solution. Many happy customers trust our services and got the best results through our prescriptions.

We use professional scanning equipment that will help us figure out the solution to 99% of the time.

Don’t worry and don’t hesitate to call us. We will figure out a solution for you.

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We provide 100% right medication which is needed for your body and health.

For best results we leave you with a natural prescription . If you follow the prescription and instructions there is 99% success rate  and you will get the feel the difference.

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Hourly Rate

75$ for 1 Hour Consultation

Learn About ZYTO Scan and Technology

What if there was a non-invasive way to glance inside your body to get a blueprint of what’s going on in there? The ZYTO Balance helps you discover the best wellness options based each client’s unique energetic responses. The information gathered from a scan helps you create customized wellness plans, leading to greater client satisfaction and results.

Our Customers Testimonials

Our clients loves our service and approach. Read what our clients have to say about us.

Happy Health Services really changed my life, all of my joints pain are now gone thanks to their natural prescription.

Aura BrooksClient

Heinrich is a really nice person, he suggested what's best for me and now I can see the visible difference in my overall health.

Eve CrawfordClient

I am happy that I chose natural remedies through Happy Health Services. The chemical free medication is the best thing you can get from them. I am delighted.

Jack GrahamClient

If a one word can describe Happy Health Services is AMAZING! I am amazed by their techniques and approach. My health improved and I am in a best shape after a long time.

Samantha RhodesClient

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Recent Reviews

Happy Health Services is Amazing

Rated 5 out of 5
January 12, 2022

I am so happy with their services. The customized wellness plan helped me a lot.

Oliver Noah

Do you struggle with your health? Would you like to get relief? Happy Health Services specializes in natural remedies and we would love to help you. We welcome everyone who struggles medically to come join us.

Natural Products

Catered to suit your lifestyle.

Chemical Free

Easy on your stomach and body.

Effective Results

Side effects free no worries .

  • B12 – Thyroid Support & Energy
  • D3 – Immune System, Bones
  • K2 – Kidney Support
  • Vitamin E – Heart, Circulation & Libido
  • Oregano Oil – Immune Support
  • Iodine – Thyroid Support
  • Zinc – Vision Support
  • Iron – Immune & Fatigue
  • Ashwaganda – Adrenals
  • Thyroid Pro – Thyroid Support
  • Tumeric – Inflammation
  • Kyolic Chloresteral – Chloresteral Support
  • Kyolic Everyday – Heart & Circulation
  • Magnesium – Relax Stool
  • Ginger Powder or Tea – Lungs
  • Probiotics – Immune & Overall Health
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